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Our Rehearsal Space

Zebra Studios is our rehearsal space in Botany. This is where we create our productions, rehearse, and store our costumes and props.

We also make it available to other companies for hire at affordable prices.

To book, contact Gerry Sont: gerrysont@optusnet.com.au or 0403 354 687



* Huge 220m2 open plan space in Botany, NSW

* Modern kitchen & toilets

* Kawaii piano and Multi media centre

* Sunny balcony area

* Safe to leave props & set

*Plenty of parking / 5 minutes walk to buses

*Open Monday to Sunday 9 am to 11 pm


* $15 / min 20h per week – for non-profit
* $20 – non-profit
* $30 – classes (acting, voice, singing, music)
* $50 – corporate






by Jean Anouilh – PACT, Sydney 2015

“It’s a pleasure to see a neglected classic tested before an audience.”                 Sydney  Morning Herald            

“One of the most powerful interpretations of Sophocles’ tragedy.”                     Alternative Media               

“Incredible that such a handful of very accomplished actors can have such a powerful impact.” South Sydney Herald


“What kind of happiness do you foresee for me? Tell me: Who will I have to lie to? Who do you want me to leave dying, while I turn my eyes away?” 

Antigone says “No” to everything and everyone. To King Creon, who has banned the burial of her brother. To her sister Ismene, who thinks she is a mere little girl not up to the task. And to life itself, if it involves compromise and betrayal.

In this acclaimed contemporary version of Sophocle’s classic tragedy, Jean Anouilh questions our ethics and notions of power and individual liberties.

Directed by Anna Jahjah                                                                                                   With Roslyn Blake, Kate Fraser, Kirsty Jordan, Aurora Kinsella, Karl Kinsella,   Philippe Klaus, Neil Modra, Gerry Sont, Ellen Williams

And Blacktown Girls High as the French-speaking Greek Chorus

Lighting Designer Larry Kelly
Costume Designer Yvonne Hocothee
Translated by Kris Shalvey and Anna Jahjah

Performed at PACT centre for emerging artists, Sydney

23 April-2 May 2015