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Drama Workshops in Wollongong

Our drama workshops for the first semester 2019 are full. Watch this page for information about our next sessions.

Theatre Excentrique started short drama workshop for adults in 2018 in Woonona (10 min from Wollongong). EGTC (The Eaton Gorge Theatre Company) have welcomed us in their wonderful theatre space there.

The classes are designed for adults of all ages and all levels. The aim is for eveyone to build their confidence and express themselves while,  most importantly – having fun!

Learn or strengthen your drama skills through warm up exercises, games, improvisations, short scenes and ultimately, a short play in front of a friendly audience.

About the teacher

For more information, please contact Virginia from EGTC on (02) 4283 3000 or send us an email at: administration@theatrexcentrique.com


Dates: February to April 2020, every Wednesday night

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm

Duration: 10 weeks, every Wednesday for 2 hours

Max numb of students: 10

Location: The EGTC space, 1/502 Princes Hway, Woonona

Fees: $300 for 10 sessions ($30 per 2 hour session)

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by Jean Anouilh – PACT, Sydney 2015

“It’s a pleasure to see a neglected classic tested before an audience.”                 Sydney  Morning Herald            

“One of the most powerful interpretations of Sophocles’ tragedy.”                     Alternative Media               

“Incredible that such a handful of very accomplished actors can have such a powerful impact.” South Sydney Herald


“What kind of happiness do you foresee for me? Tell me: Who will I have to lie to? Who do you want me to leave dying, while I turn my eyes away?” 

Antigone says “No” to everything and everyone. To King Creon, who has banned the burial of her brother. To her sister Ismene, who thinks she is a mere little girl not up to the task. And to life itself, if it involves compromise and betrayal.

In this acclaimed contemporary version of Sophocle’s classic tragedy, Jean Anouilh questions our ethics and notions of power and individual liberties.

Directed by Anna Jahjah                                                                                                   With Roslyn Blake, Kate Fraser, Kirsty Jordan, Aurora Kinsella, Karl Kinsella,   Philippe Klaus, Neil Modra, Gerry Sont, Ellen Williams

And Blacktown Girls High as the French-speaking Greek Chorus

Lighting Designer Larry Kelly
Costume Designer Yvonne Hocothee
Translated by Kris Shalvey and Anna Jahjah

Performed at PACT centre for emerging artists, Sydney

23 April-2 May 2015

Pope Head

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE – Written by Gary Roost – Australian Tour 2015

“It was Francis.”  Malgosia Skawinski, close friend of Bacon    

“Roost is a superb character actor, one of the most inspired at the Fringe.”         Fringe Review, Edinburgh Fringe

“An impressive script and committed performance.” The Brag, Sydney      

“What an amazing theatre piece.”                                                                                 Greer, Dir. of Brightspace Gallery, Melbourne


An enigma, a maverick, a controversial and charismatic Force of Nature.    

Starring Garry Roost (East Enders, Black Books), in an acclaimed solo performance that has attracted rave reviews in the UK, we follow the struggle of  young artist Bacon who eventually finds that success and tragedy go hand-in-hand when you are determined to live life to the full. Caught wearing his mother’s stockings. Banished from the family home. Sent to Berlin with his father’s henchman. Transfixed by Picasso. On to the Colony Club. Champagne. Triptych. A tragic love life.

Written and performed by Garry Roost                                                                   Original Production directed by Paul Garnault                                                     Dramaturgy by Paul Garnault and Matthew Williams                                           Additional material by Matthew Williams and Eddie Gray                                             Pope Head image created by Graeme Dalton

Pope Head Clip         Official Website of the Play

Season dates: 

Newcastle – Royal Exchange – 13/14 February 2015                                             Goulburn – Lieder Theatre – 15 February 2015                                                   Melbourne – Anna Pappas Gallery – 18 February 2015                                       Melbourne – Brightspace – 19 February 2015                                                       Melbourne – Club Voltaire – 20 February 2015                                                       Canberra  – Canberra Courtyard Studio – 22 February 2015                                 Sydney – Old Fitz Theatre – 24 Feb/06 March 2015                                                Brisbane – Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts – 13/14 March 2015


WORLD PREMIERE – by Steve McGrath – King St Theatre, Sydney 2014

“Steve McGrath’s work is a fascinating look at masculinity and the ageing process”. Sydney Arts Guide                                                                                       

“Leaves deserves high praise for its spot-on casting and brilliant set and costumes.” South Sydney Herald                                                                                                        

“The production is vibrant, often with a frenzied, almost childlike energy that translates passionately.” Suzy Goes See


An exotic wilderness. Three men and a birthday cake. In this world premiere of Leaves, you are invited along on a dark and hilarious lost weekend.

Chas has arranged his old school friends, Harvey and Wilbur, to spend a camping weekend in a remote paradise. As they attempt to celebrate turning 50 years old together, their expedition takes a muddy detour during a feast of booze, beef and barbiturates. It’s the sort of weekend that Wilbur would describe as the bastard child of Waiting for Godot and Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Will they make it to Monday morning ?

Written by Steve McGrath                                                                                               Directed by Markus Weber                                                                                                   With Martin Ashley Jones, Steve McGrath and Gerry Sont

Performed at King Street Theatre, Sydney – 19 to 29 November 2014 


Poo Poo Pee Doo

WORLD PREMIERE – Written by Anna Jahjah – Sydney 2014

“In turns fantastic, grotesque and hilarious, ‘Poo Poo Pee Doo’ is a joyous romp in the anarchic spirit of commedia dell’arte. Each of her small compagnie gleefully play several characters, and it seems, sometimes several characters almost at once, energetically subverting gender, culture, politics and revelling in ridiculous situations, absurd repartee and entertaining stage action.” South Sydney Herald

Poo Poo Pee Doo's Team

Cap-Ten and Say-Lore are two hopeless seamen on a mission: To meet their idol, Marilyn Monroe. In their absurd anachronistic quest, they sail from one island to the next, fraternising with the locals: a very hairy Jules-Yet Caput-let, a Mummy’s boy King Don, followed by his über-faithful servant Coyote, and a ker-aaaazy Viking, Frau Brünhilde, who performs Opera for cardboard penguins.

This is theatre where Cervantes and Wagner meet George Orwell and Radiohead in a cheeky homage to Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot. A magical maniacal farce that explores the notions of gender, voluntary servitude, fear of others and the loneliness that lies beneath…

Written and directed by Anna Jahjah                                                                               Translated by Kris Shalvey                                                                                                   With Anna Jahjah, Kirsty Jordan, Kris Shalvey, Gerry Sont and Anthony White           Set and costume design Yvonne Hocothee

Performed at the Short and Sweet Festival (excerpt) January 2014 and Sandy Point Theatre May 2014