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7 Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse

BY CAROLE FRÉCHETTE                                                                        

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE – Creative Space 99, Sydney 2016

“This is another wonderful night at the theatre. Don’t miss it. Highly recommended.”  Lisa Thatcher

“Anna Jahjah’s direction is free and humorous, delivering a work that feels unrestrained and exhilarating.”  Suzy Goes See

Wonderfully, hilariously and painfully relevant.”  South Sydney Herald

“An intriguing, well presented, surreal experience.”  Broadwayworld.com


“Fréchette holds us in the palm of her hand.” – Toronto Star, Canada

Don’t know how to handle your angry partner? Struggling to express yourself? Do you wish people noticed you more often? Well, Simon Labrosse has the answer!

For a reasonable price, he offers his services as an emotional stunt man, a finisher of sentences or your very own audience. All guaranteed to help you bear the emptiness of your existence.

A surreal comedy by award-winning playwright Carole Fréchette, brought to Australia for the first time.

“Fréchette’s use of language sparkles with sublime whimsy.” L’Express, France

Duration: 1h30


Listen to an interview of Anna Jahjah on SBS Radio about the play.


Steve McGrath, Cassady Maddox and Gerry Sont


Director: Anna Jahjah

Assistant Director: Kris Shalvey

Stage Manager: Pauline Evans

Graphic Design: Clarisse Ambroselli

Production Photographer: Emma Lois

Performed at Creative Space 99, Sydney / 18 May – 29 May 2016







Poo Poo Pee Doo

WORLD PREMIERE – Written by Anna Jahjah – Sydney 2014

“In turns fantastic, grotesque and hilarious, ‘Poo Poo Pee Doo’ is a joyous romp in the anarchic spirit of commedia dell’arte. Each of her small compagnie gleefully play several characters, and it seems, sometimes several characters almost at once, energetically subverting gender, culture, politics and revelling in ridiculous situations, absurd repartee and entertaining stage action.” South Sydney Herald

Poo Poo Pee Doo's Team

Cap-Ten and Say-Lore are two hopeless seamen on a mission: To meet their idol, Marilyn Monroe. In their absurd anachronistic quest, they sail from one island to the next, fraternising with the locals: a very hairy Jules-Yet Caput-let, a Mummy’s boy King Don, followed by his über-faithful servant Coyote, and a ker-aaaazy Viking, Frau Brünhilde, who performs Opera for cardboard penguins.

This is theatre where Cervantes and Wagner meet George Orwell and Radiohead in a cheeky homage to Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot. A magical maniacal farce that explores the notions of gender, voluntary servitude, fear of others and the loneliness that lies beneath…

Written and directed by Anna Jahjah                                                                               Translated by Kris Shalvey                                                                                                   With Anna Jahjah, Kirsty Jordan, Kris Shalvey, Gerry Sont and Anthony White           Set and costume design Yvonne Hocothee

Performed at the Short and Sweet Festival (excerpt) January 2014 and Sandy Point Theatre May 2014