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Pope Head

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE – Written by Gary Roost – Australian Tour 2015

“It was Francis.”  Malgosia Skawinski, close friend of Bacon    

“Roost is a superb character actor, one of the most inspired at the Fringe.”         Fringe Review, Edinburgh Fringe

“An impressive script and committed performance.” The Brag, Sydney      

“What an amazing theatre piece.”                                                                                 Greer, Dir. of Brightspace Gallery, Melbourne


An enigma, a maverick, a controversial and charismatic Force of Nature.    

Starring Garry Roost (East Enders, Black Books), in an acclaimed solo performance that has attracted rave reviews in the UK, we follow the struggle of  young artist Bacon who eventually finds that success and tragedy go hand-in-hand when you are determined to live life to the full. Caught wearing his mother’s stockings. Banished from the family home. Sent to Berlin with his father’s henchman. Transfixed by Picasso. On to the Colony Club. Champagne. Triptych. A tragic love life.

Written and performed by Garry Roost                                                                   Original Production directed by Paul Garnault                                                     Dramaturgy by Paul Garnault and Matthew Williams                                           Additional material by Matthew Williams and Eddie Gray                                             Pope Head image created by Graeme Dalton

Pope Head Clip         Official Website of the Play

Season dates: 

Newcastle – Royal Exchange – 13/14 February 2015                                             Goulburn – Lieder Theatre – 15 February 2015                                                   Melbourne – Anna Pappas Gallery – 18 February 2015                                       Melbourne – Brightspace – 19 February 2015                                                       Melbourne – Club Voltaire – 20 February 2015                                                       Canberra  – Canberra Courtyard Studio – 22 February 2015                                 Sydney – Old Fitz Theatre – 24 Feb/06 March 2015                                                Brisbane – Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts – 13/14 March 2015